UX & Interaction designer
Solution designer for XR eco-system

Working with...

  • Oculus rift
  • Hololens
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Android
  • Windows

Core Skills...

Visual Design

Apart from the UX, Below are few of designed visual mockups recently.

AR, VR and MR

Below are few interaction testing demos which are developed by me in AR, VR and MR platform. These are completely practice level, end-user interaction process demos from usability perspective. These are part of my future projects.

  • Automotive industry use cases

    Virtual Reality: Exploring engine working process and customising the part and panels in virtual realtiy. Dynamic value controllers for virtual testing.

  • VR - Realestate Project

    Virtual Reality: Real estate houses architecture. Exploring the views in different modes and experience the real time view and understand the construction model.

  • ARcore - Character placing

    Augmented reality: Captured 4Ds real time character movements and placing in real time environment including real time lighting with help of Augmented reality.

  • Oculus rift - First person ctrl - Unity physics

    Virtual Reality: First person control interaction in VR and grabbing and interact with different 3D physics behaviour objects in 3D virtual environment.

  • AR Desktop app demo

    Augmented Reality application to map virtual objects and animations in real environments with help of marker sheet. And trigger action with voice commands

  • Hololens Sample APP

    Mixed Reality Application sample for Spatial Mapping and load data / objects in real environment. Interacting object with real time hand gestures and voice commands

AR, VR and MR - Applications Experience

After experience in Virtual reality, there are huge possibilities and immersive experiences to explore. Film making, Documentary, storytelling concepts,

  • Exploring stories in VR

    Few passive and interactive Storytelling Experiences in VR. Climbing Everest, Dear Angelica is great experiences.

  • Games and education

    Gaming with VR is more immersive and. It can enable us to touch virtual objects which can influence our senses.

  • Tools & Art

    This is new stream in workflow. Real time we can work in 3d VR space on Art, Motion art, 3D modelling, etc...

AR, VR & MR Ecosystem

Understanding of AR, VR, MR ecosystem & its limitations Designing interaction with Gaze and raycast Human gestures and virtual objects mapping Working and deployment exp with Hololens, oculus rift, Google card board POC level VR story telling - Cognitive process Ambisonic 360 sound techniques & Understanding VR animation, teleport experience & limitations AI (Artificial intelligence), ML solution designing to XR eco-system 360 GUI design process Understanding Loco motion working exp with Leap Motion Vuforia 3D designing tools (Adobe Fuse CC, 4D, Blender etc...) - POC Solution design level VR, AR working exp with Android platform

UX Design, Research

User cantered design process (UCD) High and Low fidelity wireframes Interactive Prototypes Information architecture (IA) Design strategy User research Qualitative & quantitative analysis Usability testing (UT) Competitive analysis Responsive design process Principle & 3d experience pre-visualization

Tools and Development

Photoshop CC Fuse CC Dreamweaver CC Unity 3D Blender Iclone 4D Google Sketchup

Google Tiltbrush Sketchbox Electric 3D art pen Oculus Medium Google blocks

HTML CSS C# AR, VR APIs, SDKs Hololense Oculus Rift Leap motion ARCore Vuforia

Jun 2018  -  Present

UX & Interaction design lead (XR, IoT Platform)
Leading UX design team, working with Global ZF XR team. Primary responsibilities are, IoT platform, Digital tranformation with XR in Automotive industry


  • ZF IoT Platform Industry 4.0 Production assistance XR-Digital Twin XR training - Manufacturing VR-Engine Performance VR-Chasee customization MR-Remote Robo Assistant UI design (RnD)

Jan 2013  -  May 2018

UX and Interaction designer
Working as project lead, Analysis on target customers data, Persona based usability testing with different mental models to get accurate customer experience on application. Product Prototype planning, UCD design flow, visual mock-up designing, user interaction testing’s on different devices like desktop, mobile, interaction flow designing design , Comitative analysis


  • My Box officeFinegreen Finegreen microsite creator (Tool)

Sep 2011  -  Jun 2013

UX Designer
Product Prototype planning, UCD flow designing, Internal user interviews, remote interview, visual mockup designing, web, mobile, interaction design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Sketches , Enterprise & Internal product wireframe planning, UCD flow, Metro visual mock-up designing, Responsive layout implementation


  • HOMEDEPOT Virtuoso web (Delivery Excellence) Cornerstone

Sep 2007  -  May 2011

UI Designer
Social networking research, visual mockup designing, Responsive layout implementation with HTML5 & CSS3, Jquery & javascript suport


  • Bharatstudent.comAxil.com Morethan 60 Celebrity microsites

Mar 2007  -  Aug 2007

Web DesignerVisual mockup designing, Responsive layout implementation with Microsites theme designing process, HTML & CSS


  • Bharatstudent.com

May 2006  -  Mar 2007

Jr. Web Designer
Visual Designin, HTML & CSS


  • Few small personal & business website design and frontend HTML, CSS implementation


I am experimental, passionate about new things and quick learner. My current transformation is from UX and Interaction designing in XR

Education & Certifications

  • 2017 - Mixed reality (MR) and working process with Hololens
  • 2017 - Unity 3d & VR working with Oculus rift, Google cardboard
  • 2017 - CUA (UX, UCD, UT) Trained by HFI (Human Factor International)
  • 2016 - Cognitive Psychology
  • 2006 - Diploma in Multimedia by Arena multimedia
  • 2005 - B.Sc (MPC) by Andhra university

Apart from profession...,

  • - Script writing
  • - Storytelling
  • - Photography
  • - Travelling